Professional Genealogical Translation
from Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Old Church Slavonic
We are seeing a growing demand in genealogical translation. This encompasses old vital statistics documents and family archives, including private correspondence. It is widely known that a good chunk of the population of modern-day North America has roots somewhere in the territory of the former Russian Empire or the ex-USSR. According to one estimation, there are over 3 million Americans of Russian descent. But the picture isn't complete unless we count in the millions of Americans and Canadians with Jewish, Polish, Ukrainian or German roots whose ancestors at some point resided in or immigrated from Russia or the USSR.

Many immigrant families tried to maintain connections with their relatives, but that was not always feasible due to the extremely complex history of the region. Wars, revolutions, ethnic cleansings, political repressions and frequent recarvings of borders tore apart countless families. However, many U.S. and Canadian families and individuals have in their possession a large number of old documents written in Russian, Polish, Ukrainian or Yiddish. Deciphering them often means uncovering entire layers of forgotten or unknown family history.

We will be happy to help you with a wide spectrum of genealogical and archival translation scenarios, the list below is in no way exhaustive.
Vital Stats Records
Vital Stats Records
Church, synagogal or civil records of births, marriages and deaths from the former Russian Empire, the USSR, Poland, Ukraine and, in many cases, other lands of the region. 
Personal Documents 
Personal Documents 
Old diplomas, degrees, passports, membership cards, titles and other similar documents.
Private Correspondence, Diaries and Notes 
Private Correspondence, Diaries and Notes 
Translation of letters, diaries and personal notes, handwritten and printed, including severely damaged and even encoded materials.
Converting handwritten text or audio/video content into a written or typed document.
Translation of Audio and Video
Translation of Audio and Video
Translation of audio and video recordings
Certified Translations
Certified Translations
As certified translators (ATIO, CTINB) and commissioners of oaths, we are able to produce certified/notarized translations should you require them for legal purposes.
We have considerable experience working with genealogical and archival material in the following languages:
  • Polish
  • Belarusian
  • Ukrainian (inlcuding Rusyn/Ruthenian and other local varieties)
  • Ask us about other languages, including Yiddish, Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese. We may be able to employ the services of one of our trusted colleagues or refer you to them.
Our small team is dedicated to providing you with accurate translations that maintain the integrity of the original genealogical document. We always take into consideration your personal circumstances, such as time limits and budget. We work closely with you to ensure that we fully understand your requirements and preferences, and we are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Whether you need a translation of a birth certificate, a census record, an old letter or any other type of archival or genealogical document, we are here to help you every step of the way. You can trust us to provide you with reliable, high-quality translations that will help you uncover the rich history of your family or organization.
BA (Linguistics), MA and PhD (Religious Studies), Certified Translator (CTINB, Canada and COTICH, Chile), member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. Over 25 years of experience in translation. Specialization: personal documents, religious texts, transcription.
BA (Art History), MA (History), Certified Translator (CTINB and ATIO, Canada). Five years of experience in translation. Specialization: private correspondence, transcription, proofreading.
Customers Say...
Sergey Petrov is the kind of translator you hope to find when a project demands you work with documents in a language you don’t know and where accuracy is essential. Over a five year period he translated many hand-written Polish and Russian birth, marriage and death records for me. He replied immediately to my emails, let me know how soon he could complete each document, and always kept that promise. His rates are reasonable. I can recommend him without reservation.
I cannot express enough the high quality of service. Sergey was very professional, communicative and friendly to work with. He was especially accommodating and adaptive with my individual project. The prices were reasonable and the translations were very well done. Highly recommend!
I regularly use Sergey's services for translation of old complicated documents. Every time work is done very professionally. I hope he will stay in business for many more years to help me

Competitive pricing

We believe in transparent and straightforward pricing for our translation services without any hidden fees or surprises. You can trust that the cost of your genealogical document translation will be communicated upfront, based on factors such as document length, complexity, and language. With our transparent pricing approach, you can confidently plan your budget and know exactly what to expect, making the translation process hassle-free and convenient.

No project is

too small

We value every genealogical translation project, regardless of its size. We understand that even seemingly small documents can hold immense significance for your family history. Whether you need a single-page letter or a handful of handwritten notes translated, we are here to assist you.


We are proud to offer flexible services tailored to meet your unique needs. We are adept at handling diverse languages and varying document formats, ensuring accurate and reliable translations, helping you unravel your family history with clarity and precision.
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